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Grace #1 – Preparing Grace

When it comes to matters of discussing grace, which meaning are we referring to and could we use the same word to express multiple concepts? Join us as Pastor Jeff kicks off a new series for the new year where he will be teaching on three main types of grace that God gives to us

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Join us today as Pastor Jeff Hall teaches on a few ways that we can prune the unproductive things out of our lives.

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Believe with your Heart

Trying to make sense of the spiritual things of God is difficult for all of us, but its even more difficult when we try to use our minds. Join us as Pastor Jeff gets right to the heart of the matter by showing us why our hearts are so crucial to understanding things that are

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Tips for Sermon Prep

Pastor Jeff talks about some insights into how he prepares for a sermon. Link to the PDF of his notes are below.

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The Armor of God

Join us as Pastor Jeff breaks down each piece of the armor of God and how they each contribute to protecting our spiritual lives.

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Is That God Talking??

Join us as Pastor Jeff teaches that God is always speaking and telling us what is in His will for our lives and how we can know know if it is God talking to us.

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Tips for Hostile Environments

Hostile environments bring out all kinds of emotions and instinctual responses. But how do you handle these tough situations in a way that is pleasing to God? Join us as Pastor Jeff shares with us some pro tips inspired by the Word of God for dealing with hostile environments!

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Overcoming Unworthiness

What do you do when those feelings of not being good enough set in? People often find their worth in all sorts of traits and characteristics. Join us as Pastor Jeff exhorts us in one tried and true place where we can find a lasting sense of worth!

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