Josh Smith

Worship Leader / Associate Minister

“The campus ministry of Athletes in Action was instrumental in Josh’s discovery of his own identity in Christ. Also during his college years, he discovered a new found love for music; and, in particular, the guitar. Now years later, music has been a huge part of Josh’s walk with the Lord and a tremendous vehicle for creating life-long friendships and a meaningful ministry.

Josh and his wife Heather met Pastor Jeff through Living Word Church in Midland. Their first Sunday at CFC, (a bible study at the time), they were an hour late, underdressed, and the very first visitors to the church; but, they knew right away that this was their church home. It wasn’t too long after that, Pastor Jeff asked Josh to start leading worship; and, with the help of a drum machine, an iPod, and some faithful and forgiving friends along the way, Josh has been leading worship at CFC ever since.

In addition to leading worship, Josh is a church elder and staff member.  It is his heart’s desire to work with the Holy Spirit to create an atmosphere where lives are changed by the presence of God.